The Roommates

November 20, 2009

being from Southern CALIFORNIA and attending the University of Michigan can be a really tough thing to do. Outlasting the winters is really hard for me, and it wouldn’t be possible unless I had some real cool cats as my roommates.

This is Zach.

We call him the Box Master. But we should call him Newton’s First Law because without force Zach will not be moved. Pretty ironic that he’s frozen in motion right here. He’s going to be an amazing architect one day, although Woody is giving him a crazy look. He listens to good music and likes to live life just as it comes. No need to hurry unless there’s a fire. I wish I had more of his coolness in me.

This is Elliot.

Elliot is the smoothest guy you’ll ever meet. It all comes from his hair, which, no, he doesn’t condition. the ladies love it, and him even more. Elliot’s going to get places in life by charming his way to the top, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. you’ll fall under his spell the moment you shake his hand. no way you don’t like this kid. politics maybe? I call him either Shmelliot, Jelliot, or Jell for short.

Elliot and Zach were the two first friends I made at this school. It helps that they’re both from So CALIFORNIA too. Makes our house feel warmer.

And, this is Dan.

Dan is the man. plain and simple. Although he lacks the hair on the face to prove it, he’s the smartest kid I know at this school and he is going to make a great dad one day. Dan and I work great together. I think it’s cuz our birthdays are one day apart, or because we both read minds. either way I’m already envious of how far this guy is going to go in life. Dan is from DC, but went to high school out in Los Angeles. He’s a Californian with a twist. I call him Dan or Broder or Brodskies or Brodskeezy. They all work well.

This is Jeremy.

Jeremy is a move maker. He’s the kid who will get something done if no one else is willing to step up. He’s the house treasurer and does a great job making sure we have enough money in the house account for the next keg. He’s the lone east coaster in the house, and we just got him to buy his first pair of Vans. You’re not a true Californian unless you own some. He is definitely going places in life, and will never stop because he never stops making moves. An inspirational character, I call him Jerome, Zroh, or JayZ.

This is Aaron.

Aaron is that roomate who always does his part to help out around the house. He sweeps, takes out the trash, and cleans dishes all day. Cough cough. While he’s not doing that stuff, he’s in the library preparing to kick the MCAT’s ass this January. I am very excited to have a doctor friend in life, someone I can always call with a medical question, like “are third nipples common?” Aaron’s really good at all the sports I’m good at. I beat him in racquetball, but he kills me in hockey. I call him Fish, Fishface, Fisha or Fishy.

This is Daniel.

Daniel is a ridiculous human being. His sleeping hours, clothing selection, and other habits in general are very interesting to observe. He is probably my favorite person in my house, just cause I never know what he’s going to do next. He’s an econ major, like me, and I really enjoy having a solid conversation with him. I can see him being an awesome lawyer. I call him Squeek, or Squeeshy.

And this is me, Darren.

My roommates call me Daryll. I’m the red head kid in the group, who enjoys watching Fuel TV over ESPN any day of the week.


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